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Martha Gold Mine

The Martha Mine has been operating in Waihi since 1987 and produces an average of around 100,000 ounces of gold and 700,000 ounces of silver annually and is located right in the main street of Waihi.

Waihi's story is a rich tapestry woven through with golden thread. The allure of this precious metal has defined the Waihi community, and that of the nation, from the founding of the town through to the present. Checkout the Waihi Gold story down stairs at the Waihi Information centre in Seddon Street.

In 1904 the Waihi Cornish Pumphouse was commissioned to pump out the water from the underground workings of the Martha Mine.

Waihi Goldmine Tour

Although mining operations are ordinarily off-limits to members of the public, Waihi Gold Mine Tours offers visitors an opportunity to find out about the mining of precious metals and Waihi gold mining history.


Waihi Goldmining History

Gold was first discovered on Pukewa (later known as Martha Hill) by John McCombie and Robert Lee in 1878. Although they tried hard, they could not obtain sufficient investment for the infrastructure needed to treat the goldbearing quartz to separate the gold from the quartz. They abandoned the project and it was taken up by William Nicholl the following year, who had no better luck at finding the required investment.

The Waihi Arts Centre and Museum operates as a place for the collection, display and preservation of items of historical interest to the Waihi District, particularly items relating to the underground mining history of the area.


Waihi Gold Discovery Centre