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Mayor Island (Tuhua) by Helicopter

This ½ day guided tramping tour is through one of New Zealand’s largest Pohutukawa forests on New Zealand's most unusual volcano - Tuhua (Mayor Island).

The island is considered special by Maori the indigenous people of Aotearoa (New Zealand) partly because of the presence of black obsidian. A volcanic glass created by the rapid cooling of silica-rich lava, obsidian was prized by early Maori for cutting and scraping tools and weapons. The obsidian was called Tuhua by Maori who called the island by the same name.

The photo above is of the cliffs of Tuhua by Anna Warwick. See her article 'A cultural tour of Tuhua Island'

You will get to see the Devils Staircase, the stronghold where the Maori would defend the island in battle.

Then visit the 'Big Tree' this massive pohutukawa specimen has a girth exceeding 11 meters and is regarded as one of New Zealand’s biggest and oldest Pohutukawa trees.

You will see and hear many of our native birds including nectar-feeding bellbirds and tui, wood pigeons, morepork, fantail, kaka (brown parrot), grey warbler, waxeye, kingfisher and, soaring on the thermals, the harrier hawk. The island is also home to the Kiwi bird. A bird watchers paradise.