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Things you learn from guests

Posted by Greg Whyte on 1 March 2016

When guests come to stay in Waihi Beach it's our job to make them aware of all the activities in the area as well as the local highlights - things that may be of interest for them to see and do. The Coromandel is relatively new to many.and we have lots of natural places to send them and tell them about and the scenery blows them away..

It never ceases to amaze me what we learn about their countries in turn and how much we don't know - there is so much to learn!

Language is a classic - who would have thought that in Belguim the main languages are French and Dutch with some local words thrown in.

Who would have thought that in Holland there are folk who don't want to be part of the Netherlands and have their own language.The province of Frieschland is bilingual. The West Frisian language distinct from Dutch, is spoken here along with standard Dutch and the Stadsfries dialect. A (West) Frisian standard language has also been developed.Dutch guests have told us if they sat across the table from some one speaking as a Frieslander they would not have a clue what they are saying.

Also in countries that have other countries close by there are many languages spoken - Switzerland - German, French, Italian & Rumansh - with the latter being spoken by less than 1% of the Swiss population.

Canadians have to change their money before they cross the boder into the USA as retailers in the nearby towns won't take Canadian dollars yet Americans bring their US dollars into Canada and retailers will happily exchange their currency for Canadian dollars - the US- Canada exchange rate is similar to the Australian/NZ dollar cross overs so we were informed

Just goes to show travel really does broaden the mind