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Overseas Honeymooners - New Zealand bonus

Posted by Greg Whyte on 22 May 2019

Recently we have had two  thank you emails from couples telling us about how much they loved New Zealand, Waihi Beach and their recent honeymoons downunder  in particular.

They also shared the news that their respctive family lives were back to normal but that would not be for long.

In both cases they arrived home to the wonderful news that around September/October their families would soon have an addition - both couples were both expecting their first babies . Great to think that their families future lives will have a small  but permanent component for down under..

These are not the first bit of correspondance we’ve had from past guests announcing their wonderful news - a few years ago we sent out  a special offer  to past guests from NZ inviting them to consider coming back for a relaxing weekend.

We received an email back from one couple saying they definetly would not be coming back - ( much as they liked WBL ) as last time they stayed with us twins were conceived.