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New Zealand's natural beauty - huge draw card

Posted by Greg Whyte on 13 January 2016

In talking to guests this season it's the natural beauty we have around us that continues to attract visitors from all over the world.

Visitors to Waihi Beach marvel at the never ending natural beauty that is seemingly around every corner. Some say " in Germany we have to drive 1000 kilometres from where we live to go to the beach and when we get there we have to share it with the thousands and it's a fight for towel space."

With 9 kilometres of beach there's plenty of room for everyone on Waihi Beach - we may think it's busy but we have heard guests comment " where are the people'  -  we say there's room for everyone on the beach

Guests from India once described driving around the Coromandel" like driving in a postcard" - just use your imagination and you understand where they were coming from.

Other guests compare New Zealand to Switzerland, Norway or Scotland in parts and others say "you have it all and you don't have to go far to see it."

We count ourselves very lucky to live in our little piece of paradise here in Waihi Beach and are only too happy to share it with visitors.