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More bees and 2 new hives

Posted by Greg Whyte on 15 April 2016

Yesterday we received 2 new hives at Waihi Beach Lodge - we are helping out bee keeper Rick who had had some of his hives attacked by wasps.

Not only were the hives/bees attacked by the wasps there were many casualties in the form of dead bees to the point that the hives need to be shifted hence 2 new hives at the lodge.

Wasps can kill bees as they don't loose their sting  and can keep on stinging/killing bees so they are the real enemy and folk with hives like us need to keep a watch out for any wasp activity.

The 2 new hives have lots of brood (young bees) as well as a queen and will winter here at the lodge - the 3 hives together will support each other through to spring when a new queen will be added to the initial hive.

Winter will be hibernation time as bees don't like rain, wind or cold - that's winter so a quiet time for bees.