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Lord of the Rings still attracting visitors to NZ

Posted by Greg Whyte on 21 October 2015

Leaving us today are guests from the US who are very keen Lord of the Rings fans - off to see Hobbiton first hand.

When I say fans I mean fans in the real sense of the word. When Lord of the Rings was released in the USA they hosted a party at their house for 3 - 400 guests and helped celebrate the launch. Also when the movie was released they went to the opening night in their city with 100 or so of their friends in costume.

The Lord of the Rings still has the pulling power, many years after the last movie was shown, with fans worldwide.and for these guests going on the Hobbiton tour will add to their great fondness of all things New Zealand . This is their second trip in 10 years and they are still finding new places to go and see.

Whilst in our area they went up the Coromandel and took in the sights of Cathedral Cove as well as Hot Water Beach  and the smaller towns on the way. Additionally they went to the lookout and pa site at Bowentown checking out the stunning views of both the inner harbour as well as Anzac Bay and Matakana Island.