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Honeymooners from Spain

Posted by Greg Whyte on 2 January 2019

Recently we had not one  but two couples from Spain - within a day of each other and from different parts of Spain.

Our knowledge of Spain and spanish was very limited but we did learn a thing or two about the ways of the folk who live there.Their english was way better than our spanish as you would expect- we had nada!

These guys advised in their regions they eat 5 times a day  with their dinner being at approx 11pm so their breakfast, lunch and dinner in New Zealand had to make up for the meals they were missing. Not sure how the body clock would react to that let alone getting used to eating so late - I suppose you just adjust.

We asked why they had chosen New Zealand - one couple said they wanted somewhere far far away and Aotearoa was the place for them.and showed us that Waihi Beach was diametrically opposite to where they lived in Spain - imagine that on the other side of the world.

What did they like about New Zealand - the natural beauty, the friendliness of the people, the contrast of countryside - everything from rolling countryside to lakes and rivers to forests and everything seemed green - it helped that we had had quite a bit of rain leading up to their arrival