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Honeymooners from Germany and the RWC 2015 final

Posted by Greg Whyte on 1 November 2015

Yesterday we met a young German couple from Frankfurt who were here on their honeymoon. They were still suffering the effects of jet lag and had arrived in Waihi Beach after seeing some of the Coromandel Peninsular yesterday.

On of the first questions after settling in was "where can we see the Rugby Wold Cup final in the morning?" As it happens Ali & I are rugby tragics  and it was very easy to invite our guests to watch the final with us and our neighbours and friends

After a few questions and explanations about the rules so they had the gist of what the game was about  and they were keen to join us. He was a sports fan and had the basic ideas of the game but just needed a little help.Just before 5am this morning they arrived and settled in for the epic final.

It was to history in the making - the All Blacks did us proud as New Zealand became the first team to win the RWC at back to back tournaments and the first country to win the cup 3 times and they were part of that.

Our honeymooners loved being part of of the final with us and sharing a special piece of history for both them and us. After the final whistle we cracked a bottle of champagne to celebrate the marvellous occasion and toasted the mighty AB's.