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Honeymooners from France & England

Posted by Greg Whyte on 19 November 2015

This week couples from France and the UK visited Waihi Beach on their honeymoons.

The couple from France were from a place approx 1 hr's drive outside Paris and were very worried about the recent terrorist events in their much loved city.

Whilst here they enjoyed the scenery and countryside and trekked off up the Coromandel to see Hot Water Beach and Cathedral Cove and had a marvellous time.They saw so much natural beauty around every corner.

The couple from the UK approx 1 hour outside of London had a relaxing day doing the walk over to Orakawa Bay and visiting the Martha Goldmine in Waihi. They also enjoyed dinner one night at the Bistro saying the food was exceptional.

An interesting comment from the couple from the UK -" in the Uk there is beauty in places but not all together and in New Zealand the natural beauty is everywhere doesn't matter where you look".

Both couples took long walks on Waihi Beach and could not get over the fact that there were very few others on the beach - just a few folk walking their dogs.

Interestingly though we had a total of 4 couples in over night and 3 of the 4 couples were going to visit Hobbiton on their way south.