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Honey - we now have Waihi Beach Lodge Honey

Posted by Greg Whyte on 5 February 2016

It has finally happened - not without it's challenges - the bees were not to happy about us taking away the honey they collected however now we will be able to give our guests Waihi Beach Honey - WOW!

What a performance yesterday for Rick the bee keeper - the bees seemed to be on full alert and he had his work cut out getting out the frames so that the honey could be extracted. It was an eye opener to me ( no pun intended ) as he got stung 6 or 7 times and today reported his eye had only just opened after being swollen all night and his ankles were still swollen - I had a similar experience 3 weeks ago - getting stung on my eyebrow - my eye closed for 12 - 18 hours.

The finished product looks golden and has lots of pohutukawa in it so we are reliably informed by Rick. Makes sense actually as we are surrounded by pohutukawa trees and they have been in full bloom over the last 2 -3 months.

The real test willl come when our guests and our neighbours get to try it and see what the verdict is - the taste test will be the one that counts -can't wait!