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Honey - our first taste

Posted by Greg Whyte on 2 December 2015

Today we got our first taste of our own Waihi Beach honey - and what a taste - dark golden in colour  as the images show as well as being runny and sweet.

Rick, our beekeeper, added on another honeybox so now the bees can fill two honeyboxes and we will soon be swimming in local honey.The bees have been doing very well - the weather has played it's part by being both warm and dry as well as having a few rainy days as the bees need plenty of water.

Over the next few months the bees will do their thing and collect honey as all the summer flowers and trees blossom. Around us, in close proximity, there are yellow and pink Pohutakawa trees already starting to come out - the bees woiuld have helped here and their blossom will be a great food source for the bees.