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Honey finally taken off

Posted by Greg Whyte on 23 March 2018

Our bee hives finally had honey taken off yesterday - much later than in previous years.

What was surprising was the difference between two hives next to each other. The difference was in the number of frames holding honey and the amount of honey per frame.There was also difference in activity between the two hives - one much more active

Rick our bee keeper said it was most likely due to the weather and the amount of sunshine - this last few months there has been much less sunshine than in previous summers.

When Rick delivers the honey from the hives it will be interesting to see the colour- will it be light or dark or somewhere in between. Will it taste of Pohutakawa like last year as we are surrounded by them?? Will both hives taste different as the bees certainly were and maybe they foraged for pollen in different places - one hive was certainly more active than the other.