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Guests from Luxembourg - The importance of communication

Posted by Greg Whyte on 28 January 2016

Recently we had a family from Luxembourg staying as guests and we got onto discussing languages.How many languages did they speak. These guys can speak 4 or more languages as second nature.

Our family could converse in German, French, Italian , Luxembourgish, and English. The mum and dad had quite an ethnic mix - half Luxembourg and half German married to a Frenchman.

They first learn German and French followed by English in the first few years at primary school and everyone speaks Luxembourgish. Imagine Kiwi kids being multilingual -Chinese - Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Samoan or Tongan as well as English.

One day they went up The Coromandel to Cathedral Cove to go kayaking and they spent time chilling on Waihi Beach the afternoon they arrived.

New Zealand to them was" just beautiful - stunning scenery everywhere"