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German classic car enthusiasts find Waihi Beach

Posted by Greg Whyte on 15 January 2018

Over the last few days we have had four couples from Germany staying with us enjoying and exploring Waihi Beach. These guys arrived like a group of Harley riders with their Sunbeam Tiger V8 engines sounding very cool.

Their cars are Sunbeam Tigers - their own cars shipped out ahead of their arrival  to New Zealand for them to tour the country in. These classic cars are the first of their type ever seen in New Zealand with both the 1964 and the 1967 models being limited model runs. They have done approx 5000 kms to date and have had a ball from Invercargil right the way through to Waihi Beach - "you have a wonderful and beautiful country"

One of the couples has not had any luck with their car - it has not been able to be driven since it arrived - fuel injection issues coupled with being able to get someone who knows about that area of expertise to work on the car and the famous New Zealand Christmas holiday break - so they have had to hire a rental and just enjoy the ride and the views - something they have not found hard at all.

Their day exploring Waihi Beach   included 2 couples walking over to Orakawa Bay enjoying the coastal and scenic views especially out to sea and relaxing under the trees on the beach.. Another couple went exploring up the Coromandel Peninsular and the final couple hit the beach saying we are heading home to very cold weather and snow so as it's our last few days we are going to make the most of it.

They left us heading for Auckland with a plan to get their cars ready to be put into a container to be shipped back to Germany. They vowed to return again with their cars sometime in the future - a repeat trip they said!