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Cyclists from Portugal

Posted by Greg Whyte on 11 December 2015

Cyclists from Portugal stayed with us recently. They were doing a 5 day trip around the Coromandel. Thyey loved the natural beauty of the coast but had forgotten about how hilly certain parts were.

This couple were expats from York UK who were now living in Portugal for better weather and lifestyle and were back in NZ for the second time in 10 years.

They commented on how lovely New Zealand was and that they were going to see if they could live here for 6 months each year - wow what a lifestyle options!

They had travelled to Thames to start their trip and stayed in Coromandel town, Whitianga and Whangamata before spending a night here in Waihi Beach.

We dropped them off in the Karangahake gorge so they could get a good start on their way to reaching Thames where they were dropping off their bikes and staying the night.