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Chinese guests find Waihi Beach

Posted by Greg Whyte on 15 February 2016

After several years of being told by Tourism New Zealand that the Chinese were coming here in their tens of thousands we have finally had our first couple of independent travellers from Beijing.

They came to New Zealand because they had a weeks leave and needed a holiday  and we weren't too far to travel.

The couple spent their first 5 days in the Abel Tasman National Park and then 2 days here at Waihi Beach. Initially  they just walked the beach and checked out Waihi Beach village.

The second day was spent snorkling down at Anzac Bay and checking out our sea life.

They were very interested about our New Zealand way of life, what we did and why. Likewise we were interested in their way of life too. So we had some great question and answer sessions over breakfast.

Ali and I learnt heaps about China and the Chinese population and how some of it works. Education is very competitive even for kindergarten kids. People in Beijing live mostly in apartments as there are so many people and space in the city is at a premium.Apartment space is the size of our lounge and is shared by the whole family - about 50 square metres. 

We look forward to hosting more guests from China and sharing our little piece of paradise with them.