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Bees - you loose some then you win some

Posted by Greg Whyte on 7 November 2017

A while ago I mentioned that we had lost our queen and a whole lot of bees disappeared with her - well recently the reverse has happened. Amazing really just goes to show how fickle bees can be.

About a week ago we noticed quite a bit of activity around our smaller then empty hive and our bee keeper Rick called in yesterday to confirm we had a second hive going with a queen with plenty of bees in house. God knows where they came from but we are not complaining - when we lost the bees previously we did not know where they went either let alone why they left.

So a honey box will be added to the smaller hive on the left so that the bees can keep doing their thing collecting honey and pollen in the peak gathering time - from now till the end of January into February. A honey box you will see in the picture as the yellow box in the hive on the right. NB The lower box in the hive is for storing honey that the bees themselves need to have to survive.

It was interesting on the weekend over breakfast we had guests asking about the bees and trying our honey - one couple from the UK mentioned that they knew about us having bees from our Lonely Planet listing - they had the latest book with them and showed us what had been published - our bees do feature in the notes on our property’s listing!  Many guests  commented how natural the honey tasted - no preservatives!