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Bees - what they do and don't do in the winter months

Posted by Greg Whyte on 7 September 2018

Bees don't do wet, wind & cold so if its wet and raining they are keeping the queen warm inside the hive.

When we take off the last on the honey at the end of summer we leave them with enough honey to get them through the winter. For them honey is food and nourishment and they need it to get through the winter months.Some bee keepers feed supplementary sugar water to help with bee nourishment.

On the fine days in winter they will be out and about collecting pollen where they can but they need to look after the queen and themselves.

Self preservation is really important for both the bee and the swarm of bees with the queen being at the top of the pyramid if you get my drift.

We also need to be aware that at this time of the year bees can swarm - the queen for what ever reason may decide she does not like it here and may look for greener pastures - she may feel there could be a shortage of food so she goes hunting for a new place to set up the hive - it's very fickle and can take the hive of bees with her. We have had that happen a couple of times - likewise we had an empty hive that all of a sudden had a swarm arrive and voila we had a new hive - don't ask me how or why !