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Bees - Wasp trouble

Posted by Gre Whyte on 13 September 2017

Our bee keeper Rick was doing his check up today and discovered our hives have been attacked by german wasps and plenty of them! We knew there had been a few german wasps around and had set up a trap to catch them but there was clear evidence that there was a problem - the trap had food in it to attract wasps but there were more wasps in the bee hives.

Our very healthy main hive became an unhealthy one in a matter of weeks so action has been taken to protect what’s left and hopefully restore the hive to it’s former health. Luckily Rick found the queen and we have her ensconced in a smaller hive hoping she has already mated and can start laying eggs again to create more bees - once mated she will lay up to 1500 - 2000 eggs a day.

The sad thing was there was plenty of honey on the frames in the infected hives and with spring, just around the corner if not here, honey production will soon be ramping up  with summer coming and trees and flowers blossoming (pohutakawa’s all around us not too far away either - yellow in late November followed by the pink/red in December)

We will be letting our neighbours know to be on the look out for german wasps and their nests because it would be great to stop them in their tracks and kill off any nests found. 

Watch this space.