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Bees - strange happenings with our Queen

Posted by Greg Whyte on 14 August 2017

Our bee keeper Rick called in yesterday to check up on the bees and to add to their winter food some sugary water mix and to treat them for the varolla mite. Rick has also added some seaweed mix to this concoction as it is said to help make the bees stronger.

Rick checked out the hives and found a strange occurrence - the Queen was missing from one of the hives and had been replaced by another and this one was marked.

So our Queen has done a runner and some how another has obviously replaced her coming from somewhere else and someone elses hive. Rick said this was not uncommon where you have may several hundred hives close togther in a paddock but with 2 next to each other - surprising. NB Some bee keepers mark their Queens to easily identify them when checking the hive. Rick does not do that as he does not want to do any harm to the Queen.

Not to worry - we will keep a close eye on the hive hoping the Queen will mate and start laying eggs if she hasn’t already.