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“We want to pass the gift of what we have at Waihi Beach on to future generations and as such we are committed to ongoing sustainability.“

Sustainability Statement
Ali Whyte and Greg Lawn, Waihi Beach Lodge

Coromandel Sustainable Tourism Group

We are currently taking part in the Coromandel Sustainable Tourism Group a 3 year initiative by the Ministry of Tourism and Tourism Coromandel focusing on improving the following areas:

The Coromandel Sustainable Tourism Group

  • water management and conservation
  • energy management and conservation
  • waste management and recycling
  • community involvement and education
  • regional tourism sustainability
  • sand dune protection

In the lodge’s compendiums there are some examples of what were are currently doing in each category and suggestions of where and how you can contribute to this effort if you would like to help. If you have some ideas how we can improve what we are doing in any of the areas above we would love to hear them.

Current Practices:

Energy Conservation

We have double glazing throughout the lodge and have used pink and green bats appropriately. Fans are in a couple of units as we do not use air conditioning. Thermal drapes have been used throughout the lodge to retain heat.


We compost all our food scraps and use the compost in our herb and vegetable gardens. Tree leaves are composted along with grass clippings and banana tree branches.


Tuis, Wax Eyes and Fantails live in the banksias trees out on the street front and we love their birdsong. When we get the trees trimmed we protect all the bird’s nests.

Support for Fishery Initiatives

We are keen on fishing and we are grateful for the ability to go fishing as we please but we respect the right and as such we support fishery initiatives on bag limits and species sizes and encourage others to do so.

Beach Clean Up

We support 30 minute Clean Up - we meet every second Sunday of the month at the Flat White cafe carpark to collect rubbish and debris off the beach.

We have been and are involved in many community aspects from the Waihi Beach Community Board and the Waihi Beach Community Events & Promotions Society inc to volunteer work at the Police station and being on the Op-shop ball and the hall committee.


We have recently introduced bees to our property to try and help out bees. Globally bees are in trouble with declining populations caused by disease so they need all the help they can get and bees are vital for pollination.Around our property there are avocado, kiwi fruit and citrus orchards that may well benefit from our bees presence as well as local neighbours flowers and fruit trees Through our beekeeper we have introduced a hive of Italian bees and hope to be able to provide our guests with locally made honey from Xmas 2015 onwards.

Like to donate?

If you are interested in any other local environmental initiatives such as dune protection and rehabilitation which is so important to our beautiful beach and community, please ask us and we will forward your donation to EBOP (Environment Bay of Plenty).